Short 71 SW


The Entry Level Foil Series

This all-around foil is designed for beginners, schools and shallow water spots  

Short 71 SW
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1,090.00 €

The 548 wing has plenty of lift for early start hovering. The 330 stabilizer and its winglets give you the exact amount of drive you need to have an easy and stable riding experience. Low takeoff speed but still able to cruise at + 20 knots. The 41, 61 or 71 masts are the perfect choices for all those locations that have shallow waters. 

Pack content:

- 1x MM071 - Mast SHORT

- 1 x MVF680 - Fuselage

- 1x MW548 - Front Wing 548mm

- 1x MS330 - Stabilizzer 330mm

- 4x Bushing M6x10mm

- 2x Socket head cap ScrewM6x20mm

- 3x Flat Head Screw M6x20mm

- 2x Flat Head Screw M6x16mm

Base Plate Joint 90x165mm
Mast Height 710mm
Front Wing 548
Front Wing Span 548mm
Front Wing Root Chord 120mm
Front Wing Aspect Ratio 6,3
Front Wing Surface 556cm2
Stabilizer 330
Stabilizer Span 330mm
Stabilizer Root Chord 80mm
Stabilizer Aspect Ratio 4,3
Stabilizer Surface 217cm2
Front Wing 590 mm "Cruising"
268.00 €
Mast Comet 111
1,090.00 €
Mast Vorace 101
999.00 €
Mast Fluente 91
799.00 €
Mast Onda 61 Surf/Sup/Pump
649.00 €
Surf Fuselage 710
259.01 €
Kite Front Wing 550mm "freestyle"
258.01 €
Kite Front Wing 558mm "All Round"
288.01 €
Kite Stabilizer 325mm "Freestyle"
178.00 €
Kite Stabilizer 420mm "Competition"
258.99 €
Kite Front Wing 637mm "Competition"
399.00 €
Surf Front Wing 633mm "HL Freestyle"
310.00 €
Surf Front Wing 683Smm "Free Ride"
349.01 €
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