Kite Front Wing 550mm "freestyle"

Kite Front Wing 550mm "freestyle"


Jibes , tacks, 360, all kind of trick are possible with this wing

Kite Front Wing 550mm "freestyle"
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An advanced wing full of speed and manouvrability. The 550 is the choice for all those light/medium weight riders aiming to do manouvers at high speed. It can be used with the 325 stabilizer in the wave for a more skate feeling or as a freestyle machine with the 330

Fit only with kite fuselage

Pack content:

-1x MW550 - Freestyle Front Wing 550mm


Span 550mm
Root Chord 120mm
Aspect Ratio 6,3
Surface 572cm2
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The specific manganese aluminum alloy we use for this fuselage has significant strength and excellent corrosion resistance

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