Wind Front Wing 683mm "Free Ride"

Wind Front Wing 683mm "Free Ride"


Lift at low speed, Easy jibing and control , this wing will support you throught your learning curve 

Wind Front Wing 683mm "Free Ride"
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Designed to best combine maneuverability and control, the 683 has enough lift to let you enter the magic world of foiling starting from 8 knots and 7 mq sail. Freeride means controt, stability and speed potential and this wing has them all.

Fit only with wind fuselage

Pack content

-1x MW683 - Free ride Front Wing 683mm

Span 683mm
Root Chord 185mm
Aspect Ratio 5,2
Surface 1005cm2
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The specific manganese aluminum alloy we use for this fuselage has significant strength and excellent corrosion resistance

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